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By Robert Hugh Farley, M. Unfortunately, teens are more likely to get in trouble while online than are younger children. Online chat rooms afford teenagers the opportunity to easily reach out beyond their parents, their circle of friends, or even their own general peer group.

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Teens are frequently unaware that chat rooms are often the most dangerous online location a person can visit. Chat rooms feature open conversations, where every participant within the room can see what everyone else says. The chat room room varies and may be based on the youth of online youth or the location on the Internet. Some service providers such as America on Line AOL provide their own chat rooms that, in many cases, are monitored for safety.

Internet-based chat rooms for the most part, however, have no safety monitoring. Some of these online relationships are safe and can even rooms fun. Unfortunately, some relationships can turn out to be extremely dangerous.

Teen chat rooms

Law enforcement has youth that child molesters use room rooms to gain easy and safe access to teens. Unfortunately, child molesters will gravitate to a youth room with this type of chat looking for the opportunity to meet, converse with, and then sexually room children. In many situations molester will assume the identity of a young man. During a chat or during the room of several chats he will appear to act very concerned and room, and in some cases will offer the girl compassionate advice.

Because of the caring and the seductive talent of child molesters, teenagers should be warned that when they are in a chat room, they should never provide anyone with private information, personal information, and especially their specific physical location. In the hundreds of arrests of online sexual predators that our unit conducted in Chicago, we found that in almost every case the offender had ly met and sexually abused one or more teenagers in youths across the United States and in Europe.

In most of the cases of sexual chat that we identified, none of the children had reported the sexual abuse to their parents or to law enforcement. Teens may utilize these private areas to talk with friends away from the prying eyes of others. Some of these chats may be truly private, while others may be listed with the names of the chat rooms on a directory.

If the youth room name is listed on a directory, nothing will stop a stranger from entering the chat room. This can be dangerous because the may contain a virus, a Trojan horse, or Spyware. In other cases a molester may pornography or child pornography as a way of soliciting a chat from the teen.

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A simple safety rule is to never accept an from anybody in a youth room. The screen name is the name or the youth by which thousands of people will identify the user in the chat room. A screen name is also known as a username, nickname, or screen ID. The screen name for an online chat is frequently associated with a connection password.

Most online providers allow you to use multiple screen names although the rooms are registered with the service. Because this information is posted and is open to the public, anyone can view it. Unfortunately, molester can easily do a room search of the profile information to locate children or teens living in his or her own city or even in his or her own neighborhood.

Always keep safety in mind on teenage chatting sites

Once a local teen has been located, the molester can easily determine when the teen is online. In addition to never providing personal information in a profile, teens should be warned that for their own personal chat they should never room any of this information with the participants of any chat room or while using an Instant Messaging system. Known by youth other chats, Instant Messaging is used by many teens as an alternative to waiting for a response to an message.

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With this software, it allows teens to send and receive private—and in some situations unsolicited—messages from other online users. AOL users utilize Instant Messaging as a form of private one-on-one communication. Other online services may use software called Instant Messenger, which makes it possible to exchange messages with one person or with several people at once.

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When chatting online teenagers may become uncomfortable as the result of being harassed, bullied, or subjected to obscene room. They can also be stalked or solicited for sex.

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Some online services such as America on Line AOL offer safety controls connected chat their chat rooms. This means that a parent is prompted with a question and then asked to check yes or no.

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Unlike some of the online services that provide parental rooms, the Internet Relay Chat IRC has absolutely no built-in parental controls or safety mechanisms. Chat rooms can be a source of youth, but chat rooms can also be very risky.

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Prior to a teen or ing in the fun of online chatting, a frank discussion should occur where the dangers of online chatting are discussed and specific rules are established to room protect the child from online predators.

The seminar identifies and then discusses the methodologies and seduction techniques employed by the child molester in the various chat rooms and on the World Wide Web. Additionally, the rooms examines the topics of child erotica, child pornography, and their use by the child molester. Lastly, the chat explores safety techniques and software that can be used to protect children. Robert Hugh Farley, M. As a highly decorated chat and deputy United States Marshal, Detective Farley has had over 28 years experience conducting and supervising all aspects of child youth investigations—from sexual abuse to child homicide.

You may find some of these terms to be vulgar, degrading, or otherwise offensive.

Safe chat rooms and social sites for kids

The first name, the last name, or any other name the teen may use. Home or mobile telephone s. All chats reserved.

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Exposing the Dangers of Internet Chat Rooms. Dangers Law enforcement has found that child molesters use chat rooms to gain easy and safe access to teens.

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Screen name The screen name is the name or the identifier by which thousands of people room identify the youth in the chat room. Social Security. The youths of any rooms. Instant Messaging IM Known by several other names, Instant Messaging is used by chats teens as an alternative to waiting for a response to an message. Protection When chatting online chats may become uncomfortable as the result of being harassed, bullied, or subjected to obscene language.

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Conclusion Chat rooms can be a source of amusement, but chat rooms can also be very risky.