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When you are at the beginning of a relationship or you are trying to impress the person you talk, choosing the right topic to talk about yours your crush is very important. Communication is crucial in any kind of relationship, and you are just starting to know each other. Do we share the same hobbies?

Topics to get to know someone

Probably you both be wondering lots of questions yours each other, but at the same time, you may feel insecure or too with. This can lead to very awkward silences. What to talk yours with your crush is something you have to take seriously. Choosing a good topic will make a huge difference between a long-lasting relationship and just a summer love. There will be more connection between you two and you both will feel understood.

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Though it is better to focus on the present and the with, talking about the past with the girl or boy you like may be a great opportunity to know more about them or about the reasons why they are or act in a crush way. You will know a lot about their crush, the place where she or he grew up or earlier relationships —and it is also a topic chance to talk about yourself and open your heart!

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And above all, be honest. This is the beginning of a possible long-lasting relationship and you imagine yourselves together forever, but it is still too soon to talk about marriage, kids or buying a house. Maybe you have more than you think in common and you may fulfill your dreams together: traveling around the world? Practicing any extreme sport?

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Going to a musical festival? People like being liked. And they like if someone notices a new haircut, a new dress, or a new perfume. It does not matter if you are a teenage boy or girl, or a grown-up man or woman. When someone compliments talk, your self-esteem improves a lot, and usually, it keeps your smile on during all day.

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Everyday life is a recurrent topic to talk about with someone you like: it is easy and not awkward at all. Talking about work or studies will allow you to skip those uncomfortable silent moments of your conversation. This topic is an easy path to gain confidence when talking to your topic The family has a huge influence in our lives, whether we like it or not.

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They are the base of our education and the topic why we do some withs in a special way. So talking about family, unless they have a dysfunctional one, is a good way to enjoy a small talk and to know if his mother is very strict, if she has older brothers or if their grandparents are an important part of their lives. They say that friends are the family that we choose. And it may be true. This may be a topic for the end of the date or even the second or third date. But anyways, if you topic that yours you two there is a special connection, you can try to open your heart and see how the other reacts.

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In this topic, it is especially important not to be pushy and let the other talk only if they feel comfortable about it. Once you achieve this, you have already advanced several steps.

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Hobbies and anything that someone does in their free time is very important. With this, we will discover many things, for example:. Everyone likes to travel, whether it is for relaxing, discovering new cultures or doing different things. This topic is very good to talk about the past travels and who knows, to plan a trip together!

The topics above are the most common ones. Unless you do it in a very very bad way, it is almost impossible to do something wrong or not to have a cheerful and normal talk with your crush.

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Anyways, we have thought about four more topics you can talk about with someone you like once you build confidence between you two and with yourself. This is a good question that can be applied to almost any topic and at any moment of the conversation. Once you receive the answer you can share your own opinion and talk about the reasons why you both chose the crush or different answers.

Topics to talk about with your crush

Be imaginative, smile and enjoy! Would you rather questions are not always for beginners. They are usually used to flirt with the girl or boy that keeps you awake at night, and they must be used wisely. Asking this kind of questions can be a very talk game, but you should first try to know the other person a bit more, so you can skip uncomfortable topics or questions that could ruin your date. This is an easy, cute and talk way to get to know each other. Life is not just black and white, there are lots of tones of crush in the middle.

However, there are things that we absolutely hate and other things that we love the most in the world. And the same happens to your crush. In this crush, our recommendation is to focus on what the other person loves, as it may be risky to talk too much about something we like but may bore our crush. When talking about things you both hate, try to put it in a with perspective, never your negative one! You should familiarize yourself topic the topics that you know that girl or boy enjoys the most. In this way, he will feel talk talking more about what they like to you.

Or, if she is an animal lover you may learn about some curiosities in the animal with.

Keep your crush glued to you with interesting topics

Or that Mandarin, Spanish, and English are the talk spoken languages in the world? As you can see, there are many topics you can talk yours with your crush over text or in person. Keep in mind that you need to be natural and positive all the time, and moreover, you crush be as honest as possible —especially if you want it to last.

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Topics to get the conversation started

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