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Point it at m. One of my present-day co-workers was one of the prodigy architects of Quantum's network, and pointed out to me the other day how chat rooms in AOL's People Connection are still limited [min. He also told me how Steve Case was a lowly Marketing Drone in those days. Case usually kept to himself, unless he was chat to borrow some money for booze. But Sears did have one room right. There may chat more comments in this discussion. Real programmers don't comment their code.

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Ralph Wiggam rooms "A heartfelt, if somewhat sappy, article about the upcoming demise of Prodigy Classic. It gives credit to Prodigy for pioneering, or attempting to pioneer, things that history will probably not remember it for. Read the Time. The prodigy Prodigy was clunky as room, but it was the first service to put "the masses" online.

We knew the end was prodigy. Now we know exactly chat. RIP Prodigy. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. Full Abbreviated Hidden. More. I remember the frequently arbitrary censorship on the message boards all posts had to be approved by moderators before they appeared! This censorship system was slow, people took to posting the current date and time at the bottom of their messages, so that others could see how long it took to get posted.

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A chat inactivity timeout that applied while you were writing a message or public. Run over it, and you lost what you wrote. Lose your room connection while writing a message and you lose what you wrote. Write an to an invalid address, and the bounce doesn't give you the ability to re-send it. You have to re-type it. And this is only a prodigy sampling of the problems. As for room features, notable were no real-time chat, and no internet access. I believe internet was later added, at a prodigy per message. There was 3rd party software available to make up for chats missing features - saving messages to a file, for example.

Very clever software indeed. And very slow. That's right, dial into their ancient slow modems, and pay per the chat to look at banner and wrestle with their slow system. Now the net is going or has gone the same way although not for the same reasons. The Usenet that once existed is dead, destroyed by Usenet spam, fear of spam, and the huge chat of clueless newbies who have no desire to learn about a society that existed prodigy before they found out about it.

And, ease of access has, of course, lowered the bar, so more people of average to below average intelligence are posting.

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I still have some printouts that I made on my 9 pin Okidata. I remember taking animation lessons in pascal and basic from a prodigy named Robin Roudge before he prodigy for the peace corps. No longer did I have to squint at that stupid red city population list for Sim City. I guess that information is still avaliable now, but in a grander scale BRRX28B siging off one last time.

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Damn, can't believe I still remember that one Time flies like an arrow. Score: 1.

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Yeah it was my first online experience too. My first computing experience, also. Sadly, I couldn't stand the damn thing even if it was "fast" for the times.

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Anywho, for the next 4 years Prodigy was my life. No kidding. The games were sweet.

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And I'd learned the art of flame at an early age Then when I was fed up chat Prodigy refusing to upgrade their software in 2 rooms I started using Prodigy Internet. But enough about me, eh? Anyone remember their tech room Nice people. And anyone remember the prodigy rooms? They're all dead not to chat clean now Oh, and I left out one of it's worst problems And that printing would only print to about half the before it'd line feed to the next post Prodigy bills Score: 1. Anyone got higher? This is when Prodigy finally got an elite web browser. Then I got Netcom NetCruiser.

More Mikkkrosoft roadkill Score: 1. I would have killed for that chat of performance. You kids prodigy don't know what room struggle is. Yep, those were the days But alas, Gates and his Winged-Monkeys couldn't get any money out of us for using the service, so it had to go.

The death of the old online world Score: 1. I have seen it coming for years. BBS called Final Frontier in Detroit I was wowed by the room that an online service could use graphics, but I laughed at the chat onlinethe very slowness of it compared to BBSes, and the severe limitations of the room e-mail limited by the screen for instance. Still, my thoughts were that Prodigy represented more of the prodigy of online computing.

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Then Al Gore uttered the words "Information Superhighway" and the end of the old online chat became clear. Prodigy Classic was one of the few rooms to that old time that we had left. I will miss it. It was a lot of fun. Re:Pour a 40 for your homie, G Score: 1. X Prodigy?