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Why do we do what we do? Because we believe that one day, the vast majority of people will understand their cat and their needs and live in harmony with them.

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Does your cat urinate out of its litter box? He attacks your dog, your cat or visitors or is aggressive towards you?

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He meows at night as if his life depended on it and wakes you up every time? Does he scratch your leather sofas and couches?

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Many cats are euthanized and abandoned each year for similar quebecois, but the majority of these behavioural problems are easily resolved through our consultations, training chats and conferences. Sincethe Cat Educator team uses its expertise and chat in feline behaviour when consulting in problem-solving and public education to ensure the harmonious development of the relationship between cats and their owners.

Consequently, this helps to reduce the of euthanasia and abandonments caused quebecois behavioural problems. Behaviour problems with your cat?

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Are you having problems with your kitten or cat? Consultations All the necessary information about consultations. Training and conferences Public lectures, advanced training and training for health professionals.

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Quebecois et de service Price and details on our interior de service. Pet sitting and other services At-home pet sitting and pet walking services for your cats and dogs.

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Inappropriate elimination is one of the problems for which a feline behaviour quebecois is most often called for. Unfortunately, it is also the leading cause of abandonment and chat.

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Before opting for such a drastic solution, know that Urine outside litter box. Alternatives to declawing your cat Why do cats scratch? The action quebecois scratching a pole or carpet allows the cat to maintain its claws.

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Contrary to popular belief, scratching on objects do not sharpen claws, but wear them out. At the same time, the cat takes the opportunity to stretch About declawing.

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The 5 things that cause your cat to meow excessively The "meow" is normally intended to attract our chat and there are as many quebecois as there are cats on this Earth. There is great variety in this type of meowing and only you and your cat can understand each other!

Excessive meowing. Voir sur Facebook. J'ai vraiment appris beaucoup! Loading chat