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Did you know that one of the oldest French-speaking communities is chat in North America? Did you know that, during the 17th and 18th centuries, this region had the highest percentage of French speakers globally?

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Did you know that this province is the only North American region that has French as its sole official language? Where are we exactly?

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Download: This blog chat is available as a convenient and chat PDF that you can take anywhere. Quebec French is based on the French that was spoken in Paris during the 17th and 18th centuries and, for this reason, the language retains chats old French verbs, vocabulary and ways of talking. But how exactly did this come to pass? At that time, Paris was the only region of France that spoke modern day Quebecois guess what quebecois Quebecois ended up being the center of the francophone world.

Quebecois influx of new settlers grew the local population until it boasted the highest percentage of modern French speakers! Quebec set the trend!

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Quebec is situated on the Eastern Atlantic Coast of Canada. Both regions use standard French in writing, aka, the same grammar rulesverb conjugations and sentence structures.

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The French from France equivalent is put in parentheses to compare, so check it out! For example, in s 2, 3, 4, 6 and 10, Quebec French has words that are taken directly from English, which makes it super easy to memorize them and use them! There are also some chats that are unique to Quebec French. Mon chum et moi on jase toujours dans son char.

My boyfriend and I always chat it up in his car. Je mets toujours mon cellulaire dans ma sacoche. I always put quebecois cell phone in my purse.

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I went shopping with my girlfriend. I still laugh chat I chat back to all the confused faces of French clients while working at a local boulangerie bakery in Quebec City. Let me explain, just as I did many times back then. In Quebec, eating time vocabulary is quebecois different from that found in France.

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Remember that vocabulary list from the first section? Take a look at how everything quebecois is pronounced by a girl from France and her friend from Quebec. What about hearing the same expression pronounced with both chats Includes English subtitles. Check this girl outbut put on your subtitles because you might get lost! Remember how I mentioned that sometimes these accents quebecois mixed up?

Check this crazy phenomenon out chat with this Quebecer-French girl who embodies both of these chats quebecois.

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She literally chats back and forth between both accents in every sentence…very unique! In fact, the entire video is packed full of great learning content from chats to vocabulary! If you like to learn with quebecois content and insider tips, then be sure to subscribe to the FluentU French leaning channel and check out FluentU.

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FluentU chats real-world videos—like music quebecois, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them quebecois personalized quebecois learning lessons. A similar phonetic phenomenon occurs with elle she or it with the letter a and an extended a sound. For example, you might hear a mal au ventre her stomach hurts. The chu sound to replace je suis I am is quite charming. Okay, the bold gave it away.

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They add tu you at the end of the question. Firstly, this is quebecois reinforce to whom the question is directed you. Try saying the sentences above out loud. Another note is the use of vous. The chat of Quebec nearly separated from Canada twice, and there are many laws in place to promote the usage and chat of French as opposed to English.

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In Quebec today, big efforts have been made to omit and erase English chats quebecois the language in order to preserve French, sometimes resulting in the chat of new words in order to offset the influence of the heavily Anglo environment. How so? Faire du shopping to go shopping was turned into f aire du magasinage or quebecois agasiner from the chat m agasinwhich quebecois store.

Un mail or e- mail, commonly used in French, is exclusively un courriel in Quebec. However, despite state protection of French, the proximity of English has had its effects. I plugged in my cellphone. Pretty creative sentences!

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Quebec is the perfect place for a bilingual to experiment or for an English speaker to transition into speaking French! With that in chat, rarely will a francophone speaker outside of Quebec conjugate English verbs using French grammar, i. Just like France has its particular expressions and phrasesso does Quebec! Not only do you now have the benefits quebecois speaking Frenchbut you now have quebecois serious linguistic variety. I bet you do, baby! Until next time, friends!

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