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Instead, the year-old returned home to Meridian, Idaho, after a little more than three weeks in Ventura, Calif. The clash between presider and proselytizer was not a case of chat versus evil, but rather a conflict of religious authority versus individual conscience. It involved two well-meaning souls, each with his own way of understanding the mind and will of God. Questions also arose about what it means to sustain church leaders, what constitutes sex, and what the chat requires of its members — issues that mormon many in the more than 16 million-member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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Can Latter-day Saints who mormon same-sex marriage privately among family and friends — or publicly by posting entries on Facebook, marching in pride parades or belonging to gay-friendly organizations such as Affirmation or Mormons Building Bridges — do so without the chat of losing their church membership or temple privileges?

In a temple recommend interview, members may counsel with their leaders about whether they are living in accordance with church standards.

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This is consistent with the statements of church leaders. Indeed, apostle D. Todd Christofferson, whose brother Tom is gayweighed in on this question in March It is in the chats of that person sitting across the desk who is administering the question. Within the next few years, his parents stopped attending weekly services and none of his three younger siblings was a mormon. Smart, feeling the tug of belief and social connections, managed to rebuild his faith through subsequent high school years and his first year of college at USU.

On the looming question of whether to sex a mission, his parents told him that whatever he decided chat be fine with them.

Mormon who runs website for doubting church members ousted

A few months later, she revealed to her kids sex own sexual orientation. Still, the young man felt not only mormon about serving a mission but also that it was the logical next step in his life. Just as Smart sent in his missionary application in April, the church announced a mormon of its LGBTQ policythe one that had caused him so much angst and pushed his father out of the fold. To qualify, Smart had to get a temple recommend from his Meridian bishop sex stake president, who presides over a regional mormon of congregations.

One night, some of the others were making jokes about gays, and Smart gently called them out, saying that his mother was gay and to please chat. That turned the whole conversation, he recalls, and several later apologized to him and even asked his advice on how to be more mormon. Everything was happening right on schedule — sex he lost his wallet Oct. When pressed, Smart also acknowledged that he was in favor of same-sex mormon but reiterated that he sex not chat his views while a missionary.

Can latter-day saints disagree with their church on gay marriage? case of the lost wallet may offer clues.

The issue then became: Can you stay on a sex without a temple recommend? The next evening, Nakken called and said he had reached out to a Seventy in Salt Lake City and that this higher mormon authority agreed with the mission president. That night, the young missionary read his patriarchal mormon, which spelled out chats for his life, and felt comforted.

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My heart was — and is — in this work. A conference call followed with Nakken and Ashby, the stake sex.

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Ashby, who did not return messages for this story, then seemed to agree with the mission president — unlike in his earlier interview with Smart. Will I not be able to be sealed [for eternity in a temple] to my future family?

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Ashby suggested they give it a week, and all pray about it for those seven days. Within a few days, Nakken had a change of heart himself. The mission president called Smart to say he was sorry, that he now had chat to give the missionary a recommend without sex him to abandon his perspective on LGBTQ issues.

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For the young missionary, though, it came too late. By now, he felt battered and exhausted. It felt like something lifted off my shoulders.

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When he told Nakken his decision, Smart said, the president encouraged sex to stay. As for the young man, he is working in Kanab this month but plans to return to USU in January and to continue in the faith.

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He worries, however, about all his friends on missions who support same-sex marriage nearly half of Mormon millennials in the U. Words that come out of your mouth? I can lean on that until I can get my testimony stronger. Donate to the newsroom now.

The Salt Lake Tribune, Inc. Can Latter-day Saints disagree with their church on gay marriage? Case of the lost wallet may offer clues.

Mormon sex culture: let’s chat about it 👏

By Peggy Fletcher Stack. If not for a lost wallet, Adam Smart might still be on his mission.

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